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Mock up of Tarot Liberation book

and I’m writing a book

And of all the crazy things to do while I’m creating this new website, I decided I would write a book too. Because if you’re gonna go for it, you may as well go for it properly. And this mock up book cover that you see isn’t the finished thing, far from it, but I…

Tarot cards with High Priestess in foreground.

All about tarot

I adore using tarot cards to give me extra guidance and support, in fact I love them so much I’m writing a book about them!!! So it makes sense that I’ll be talking about them loads and loads and loads on this site. But what is tarot? How does it work? Here’s my take on…


Welcome to Heart and Craft!

Welcome, welcome! This is a brief post to welcome you here and to let you know that there’s not an awful lot to look at yet!

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