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Turning Your Intuition Into Your Best Friend


Just amazing. You were so accurate with your interpretation of my cards, it's quite uncanny. I really appreciated the time you took to explain how each card was telling a story and how it all connected to my life. I feel clearer about the steps I can take to help me move on from here.

- Anonymous face-to-face client

You confirmed that I was creating a lot of my stress with my own thoughts and that the reality wasn't as bad as I was predicting. I have taken this on board and started practising catching my worries before they escalate which is definitely helping me to get a more positive perspective. Thank you so much, Debs, I am truly grateful for this insight.

- Anonymous Online Client

You were able to put a positive spin on what felt like a negative experience. You have the sweetest way of delivering news that I didn't want to hear. I guess tarot doesn't tell us what we want to hear. It tells it how it is. Thanks for your help, I will be back for another reading soon.

- Anonymous online client

I don't know how you remember all those cards and I don't know how you put it all together but it made an awful lot of sense to me.

- Anonymous Skype Client

Tarot cards with High Priestess in foreground.

All about tarot

I adore using tarot cards to give me extra guidance and support, in fact I love them so much I’m writing a book about them!!! So it makes sense that I’ll be talking about them loads and loads and loads on this site. But what is tarot? How does it work? Here’s my take on…


Welcome to Heart and Craft!

Welcome, welcome! This is a brief post to welcome you here and to let you know that there’s not an awful lot to look at yet!

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