Keep going…

Listen up,

this little oak sapling is not as big as its neighbours, it doesn't have as many leaves, it's not as close to the sunshine as the big 'uns, it hasn't got as good a view.

It could get stepped on and squashed. A squirrel or a slug could eat it. It's years off from bearing any acorns. It ain't gonna be the timber for anything substantial anytime soon. It's kind of insignificant in terms of whopping great oak trees.

Does it care? It does fluffin' not. IT'S PROUDLY STANDING THERE (all 6 inches of it) BEING A BABY OAK TREE, OAKING ALL OVER THE PLACE, KEEPING ON BEING a very small oak tree. It's assuming that if it keeps having big oak thoughts for long enough, it will eventually become... a big oak.

An image of a small copse with views to the countryside and a small oak sapling under the words Don't give up!

Hang in there!

And I don't know if anyone needs to read that today but I felt compelled to write it.

gratitude with attitude...

1. It's unlikely that anyone or anything is ever going to tread on me and squash me

2. I am humble enough to learn lessons from the tenacity of an oak sapling. KEEP ON OAKING.

3. Big oak thoughts, people, big oak thoughts...