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My Tarot Reading Code of Ethics

I will make every effort to provide my clients with detailed, valuable, honest, objective and useful advice which I believe serves everyone’s best interests.


All clients will be treated with equal respect and can expect to receive open minded, sensitive and non-judgmental treatment for the duration of the reading experience, from first enquiry to the delivery of the reading.


If a question is not answerable in the form it is presented, I will explain my concerns and limitations, and work with the client to rephrase the question to give it an empowering focus for seeking the best possible feedback.


There are boundaries to my knowledge and I am not qualified to give advice regarding medical, legal or financial matters; there may be other areas in which I do not feel capable of giving advice and if this is the case I will work with a client to rephrase the question as indicated above. I may also advise seeking professional advice should it be appropriate.


Clients are free to choose whether to act, or not to act, on any advice given through my readings and personal responsibility for one’s own actions always remains with the individual. Decisions made and/or actions taken as a consequence of my readings are entirely your own responsibility!


Third party readings can be conducted as long as the question is phrased to focus on empowering the client to better understand their situation. For example, “does JimBob love me?” will be rephrased to “how am I currently in relationship with JimBob?” or “what are the emerging energies of my current relationship with JimBob?” If we cannot reach agreement about how to rephrase a question the reading may be declined.


Readings will not be given directly to clients under the age of 18, however, parents or guardians may request readings on their behalf, much in the same way as an astrological birth chart may be requested for a minor. In such instances, the focus of the reading will be discussed and agreed between me and the client.


All information relating to readings including personal client details are kept strictly confidential at all times.


Fees for readings will be discussed, agreed and paid for before a reading begins. Once the reading has been given no fees are refundable.


Should a client feel unable to proceed with the reading at any point before a written, video or audio reading has been prepared they may cancel the reading and receive a full refund. Should a client feel unable to participate in, or continue with, a live reading (in person or online) a partial refund can be made according to the time elapsed during the reading.


Tarot cannot absolutely predict the future, it can merely show what is likely to happen if either no change or action, or specific change or action, is taken. I believe that tarot works by revealing unseen and/or unacknowledged energies surrounding a person’s intentions, an event or situation at any given moment and by so doing encourages greater understanding and empowerment to create a future according to one’s conscious vision. Therefore my work aims to use the collective wisdom, support and intuitive advice of the cards, me as the reader and you as the client, to identify potential decisions, behaviours and actions for creating and connecting to your highest good in a practical, enlightened and transformational way.


I reserve the right to decline any reading which does not adhere to my code of ethics.

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