Do the work

a magical scene with the words the magic you're looking for is in the work you're avoiding

gratitude with attitude… 1. I (think) know what my work is 2. I have very double jointed hips so I can kick my own arse (actually that’s a lie, but I’m talking metaphorically, obvs) 3. Although I’m quite bad at Photoshop I’m quite good at magic (and they’re both basically the same thing)

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Keep going…

An image of a small copse with views to the countryside and a small oak sapling under the words Don't give up!

Listen up, this little oak sapling is not as big as its neighbours, it doesn’t have as many leaves, it’s not as close to the sunshine as the big ‘uns, it hasn’t got as good a view. It could get stepped on and squashed. A squirrel or a slug could eat it. It’s years off…

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Grand designs

Grand Designs Decided to design myself a new house because with AI anything is possible. By and large AI has done a good job. And, look, I’m not normally one to complain (rest of the world, “OH YES YOU ARE”) but there are a few things that AI needs to learn about me. I shall…

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Big Barn Karate Farm

If I was a farmer… I would be a crappy farmer for many reasons. I can’t get up in the mornings. I’m vegetarian. I’m a bit scared of cows. I’m severely allergic to hay. Dairy products give me the squits. I could go on… However, squits notwithstanding, if I had a farm I would have…

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