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All about tarot

I adore using tarot cards to give me extra guidance and support, in fact I love them so much I'm writing a book about them!!! So it makes sense that I'll be talking about them loads and loads and loads on this site. But what is tarot? How does it work? Here's my take on it...

My belief is that everything in the universe is made of energy and that everything is connected through that energy, therefore it’s possible to ‘tune in’ to the energies surrounding a person, event or situation to gain greater insights about the energetic details contained within it. Tarot cards are also made of this energy and different cards will resonate or ‘match’ with the different energy of any given person or situation.

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Tarot cards with High Priestess in foreground.
Stone heart
Stone heart

When we focus on a question, we tune in to all of the energies surrounding the circumstances of that situation and the cards which best fit the predominant energies of the issue will present themselves for the reading, via, I believe, the intervention of a Divine Force which is eager to help us align with our highest good!

A reader with experience, knowledge and a strong intuitive ability can connect with the imagery, symbolism and energy of these cards. This enables the reader to tap in to the great universal connection and so understand the stronger facts and truths of a situation, potentially alerting us to things we might not be aware of, and bringing all the possibilities available to us into our awareness.

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Tarot cards with The World in the foreground.

The cards, therefore, are a method of accessing the subconscious, intuitive, inner wisdom that we all possess to get straight to the heart of the matter and expose the beliefs and judgments that our egos may have associated with a situation.

Or possibly, it’s all hocus pocus jiggery pokery with a twist of magic for good measure... There is so much more to come on this subject!!!!

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